In this article you’ll be able to know how to get the most from Next.js. A easy and quick step by step guide to boost the foundations of your app. Ready in less than 10 minutes.

What is covered in this article:

Learning stash for newbies

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Although coding is a never-ending learning path, probably the first steps are the tougher. Once you have some experience you’ll be able to read the documentation and you’ll understand most of it. But at the beginning, when you are starting, it seems like trying to brake the enigma code.

Where should you start?


How to create a pagination component in react with TypeScript

In this article, I’ll be covering how to create a pagination component in react with TypeScript. The aim is to make it as generic as possible. It will be a presentation component, also known as “dumb component” because it only displays the html with styles (doesn’t have state or logic).

If you are also very fan of React with TypeScript and you want to start working with Gatsby this post is for you. I’m going to cover how to setup the basic environment including TypeScript, Sass, linting and prettier for Gatsby.

I have been using React mainly with create-react-app as…

After setting up the basic configuration for linting and testing is time to start working on the proper project. To make the development faster, the best is to use some frontend component library so we can have a good styling.

Bootstrap is one of the most extended options out there…

Istanbul coverage report

Get your unit testing configuration ready in less than 10 minutes. In this article, you can find how to get jest and enzyme ready for your tests and Istanbul to collect the coverage.


As a first step, I’m going to install create react app with the typescript template.

npx create-react-app…

Take your typescript create-react-app to the next level with a nice code format.

If you follow these steps, you’ll have linting and prettier set up in less than 10 minutes.

I’m just setting up a project and thought it could be helpful for others to have a small guide with…

Disclosure: this article doesn’t represent any investment advice.

If you are starting to invest in cryptocurrencies, you’re probably overwhelmed by the amount of ICOs that appear every day. ICOs can be great opportunities if you find the right one and even better if there is a big discount for participating in the pre-ICO stage. …

Over the past 2 years, the ICO market has taken off, creating a viable financial alternative for startups. After analyzing a dataset provided by Icodata (see more details at the end), we were able to withdraw some interesting conclusions from the ICO market.

This dataset consists of 1252 ICOs that…

Hoy hablamos de invocing, una necesidad de toda empresa que ha ido desarrollándose cada vez más. Marcos de la Cueva y Diego Goya, CEOs de Billin, nos cuentan el detalle su visón del mercado.

1. ¿De dónde surge Billin? ¿En qué consiste vuestro modelo de negocio?

Billin nació de la…


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